Electronics Testing Technician

Job Category: Technician
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Oak Lawn IL 60453

Responsibilities may include but are not limited to the following:

1. Works alone and with other employees in testing, adjusting and/or repairing central office equipment and facilities used in providing high quality network switching, trunking, and special services. Some examples of special services are: telephone, program (audio), video, foreign central office and exchange service, high speed data, packet switching, etc.

2. Makes routine tests on switching systems equipment, facilities, trunks and special service circuits to insure a high quality of service.

3. Analyzes defects, tests, repairs and maintains telephone switching circuits and equipment in Company central offices, remote repeater locations, and administrative buildings by using various test equipment. Makes necessary repairs to equipment and facilities indicated by trouble reports, routine tests and alarms.

4. Coordinates work operations with other employees required to make routine tests and repair equipment or facilities. Coordinates the installation, rearrangement and disconnection of plain old telephone service (POTS), trunks and special services.

5. Reviews and interprets service, circuit diagrams, layout records, or other technical documents (i.e., WORD documents), and follows standard practices for provisioning special services, carrier, and message circuit orders. Reviews and analyzes complex schematic drawings in performing work operations.

6. Installs, repairs and adjusts equipment such as switches, routers, modems, relays and amplifiers using hand tools.

7. Performs routine equipment maintenance such as inspecting, cleaning, testing and lubricating equipment.

8. Removes or places connections on wire distributing frames and connects wire to terminal lugs, following work orders and specifications.

9. Maintains the integrity of mechanized and manual records on facility and equipment assignments for POTS, trunks and special services. Also, maintains records required for trouble reports, routine tests, trouble clearance and work activities.

10. Uses computer terminals associated with Operations Support Systems related to work operations.

11. Maintains telephone switching equipment at both private establishments (hotels and office buildings) and at other than regularly assigned central offices, which may require driving a Company vehicle between locations.

12. Tests, analyzes, corrects and/or repairs trouble reports and provides close-out to subscriber trouble reports.

13. Installs and performs hardware maintenance on a variety of computer systems, computer peripherals, and ancillary associated equipment.

14. Performs periodic preventive maintenance on computer systems through the use of sophisticated test equipment, software diagnostics.

15. Maintains computer systems including software back-ups in other departments.

16. Makes necessary tests for toxic and explosive gas before entering cable vaults and underground controlled environment vaults (CEVs) and continues tests while working in area.

17. Works with hot metal in some assignments, works with color coded and tone identified wires associated with the installation, maintenance and repair of carrier facilities.

18. Determines differences between wire and cable colors associated with equipment.

19. Works aloft on ladders with hand tools and test sets.

20. Follows established safety practices and procedures. Must be able to safely utilize equipment resources to perform specified physical job duties, i.e., satisfies manufacturer’s specifications for operation or use of equipment including weight limitations.

21. Lifts and moves loads up to 100 pounds.

22. Cleans and sweeps up loose wire and other debris.

23. Drives Company vehicle.

24. Places and removes plug-in equipment.

25. Tests wire work performed to assure reliable service and to identify troubles.

26. Repairs and performs routine maintenance such as inspecting, cleaning, and testing of large batteries, rectifiers, converters, inverters, and operates emergency engines.

Candidates must meet the following minimum qualifications.
Testing: Technician Knowledge Test II (TKT_II)

The following must be satisfactorily completed for title retention:
On-the-job and/or classroom training as required.
SS508 Principals of Digital Transmissions Systems.

Other Requirements:
Satisfactory performance and attendance in present job.

AT&T will consider for employment qualified applicants in a manner consistent with the requirements of federal, state and local laws

Valid driver’s license and ability to drive vehicle with manual shift in some assignments.
Ability to perceive differences in wire and cable colors.
Ability to differentiate between audible tones.


Successful candidates require the ability to:
Work various scheduled tours including day, evening and night covering Sunday through Saturday with overtime, call-outs and holiday work as required. Tour length will be 8 hours.

Work alone at remote repeater locations and/or in controlled environment vaults or in a work center environment.

Work aloft on ladders with hand tools and test sets; and lift and move loads up to 100 pounds.

Experience in electrical, electronic or mechanical fields.

Individuals holding this job title may be required to perform the above job duties with or without “reasonable accommodations.

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